accent modification for actors

Getting Tired of Hearing “Where are you from?” Get ready for change!

For over 25 years, Kelly Reiter has been helping actors with accents take the next step with a standard American voice.

Standard American opens doors in Hollywood!

Don’t let your accent hold you back! Take charge of your voice! Develop the standard American speech you need and the confidence to use it — from getting the right agent to booking more parts.

What We Offer

A cutting edge character approach with a focus on gaining another voice - a welcome alternative to endless hours of ‘listen & repeat’ that really works!

  • Initial Comprehensive Speech Assessment
  • Cold read a short monologue to discover how your pronunciation, rhythm, breathing, intonation, & muscularity differ from Standard American speakers. The results of the assessment will tell you exactly where your accent lays, as well as how much and what kind of training you will need.
  • Private Coaching
  • Develop standard American rhythm and pronunciation patterns with our unique character-study approach to build and fine-tune the voice and confidence needed to move forward in your career.
  • Semi-Private 4-Class Package Rates
  • Rhythm Patterns Learn the ‘music’ of Standard American English in order to communicate the emotions, intentions and cultural point of view of the characters you wish to play.Pronunciation Study the musculature and placement of front, central, and back vowels as well as the articulation of troublesome consonants so that you know how to sound American.Fine-tuning Prepare a monologue or scene to review and refine your American vocal identity for agent meetings and castings. Excellent for confidence building and expanding emotional repertoire.
  • Audition Coaching
  • Make sure your American voice is the best it can be for auditions, meetings, and press junkets. Video feedback, Skype, FaceTime and telephone coaching is also available.
  • Pre-Production Coaching
  • On-set Coaching
  • ADR Coaching
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