What We Do for Business Professionals

For many professionals from overseas or out-of-state, having an accent at work can be frustrating and even limiting in terms of career advancement. With the growing demands of the workplace, finding the time to invest in accent training can seem daunting. And the energy required to sit through the tedium of archaic listen-and-repeat courses is exhausting.

Kelly Reiter understands that time and results are of the essence so we have developed unique 3-hour workshops guaranteed to:

  1. Improve your understandability
  2. Transform your vocal quality
  3. Build your vocal confidence


Our Process



Through analysis of either in-depth interviews, D-O-J observations, or examination of existing footage (or media provided by client) our thorough assessment will reveal communication barriers and provide the information necessary to build custom programs that address our learners’ unique needs.

Client-site Workshops

Our in-person, half-day workshops offer new ways to think about language and how to communicate more effectively and authentically with fans, the media, colleagues and clients alike. Participants learn to adopt new speech patterns and are provided with follow-up exercises to ensure the development of a powerful, professional vocal identity.

One-on-One Follow Up Coaching

Building on the tools of our half-day workshops, Kelly Reiter provides additional support through individualized 1-hour coaching sessions that offer high-impact tips and strategies to ensure moving past the accent barrier with the key sounds of professional standard American English. Instruction focuses on diction, pronunciation and enunciation. Offered à-la-carte and in 6-session packages.