Common Questions

Is it really possible to lose my accent?

Since it’s not necessary to ‘unlearn’ what you know before learning new skills, a better question is “Can I learn to turn on an American voice when I need it?” And the answer is “yes.” Once you become aware of the language and cultural barriers blocking your career, you can develop new speech patterns and gain the confidence to use them whenever you choose to.

How many classes will I need?

That depends on your training goals. The results of the assessment interview provide very clear guidelines as to the length and content of your program.


Is there much homework?

This is not school – this is your life! Many of the assignments are designed around your daily speaking routines and support your professional goals. Doing the work means doing your career.


Do you offer group classes?

In my more than 25 years of experience, I’ve found that working privately is the most effective way to achieve solid results. When budget is a concern, semi-private package rates are available.


When can I start?

As soon as you’re ready! Private coaching can be scheduled immediately after your assessment is done. Semi-private classes are filled according to language background on a first-come, first served basis upon completion of the assessment.