Who We Are

Accent modification specialist Kelly Reiter-Carranza has been helping regional and non-native speakers of English overcome the accent barrier for 25 years. She has honed her skills in a variety of settings from teaching in college classrooms to facilitating workshops in corporate boardrooms to coaching on movie sets and working one-on-one in her studio in Los Angeles. She recalls teaching her first pronunciation courses in Tokyo in 1986: “I couldn’t believe I had found a job I loved so much!” She feels the same to this day. She has established herself as one of the industry’s top speech coaches and curriculum architects.


What Sets Us Apart


 Our Approach: We deliver quick, effective, and practical results rather than burden learners with time-consuming listen-and-repeat exercises. We recognize the profound relationship between language and culture and tailor our programs accordingly.

 Empathy: We know firsthand what it feels like to work and live immersed in another culture. We empower learners with new ways to think about communicating authentically across cultures and how to use their voices to connect with others – a welcome departure from viewing accent as a problem needing to be fixed.

 Passion: We strive to ensure that our clients leave their training sessions sounding and feeling better than when they arrive. Always.

 Never a Dull Moment: Our vibrant, goal-oriented workshops encourage participants to develop a passion and fascination for language, keeping them engaged, accountable, and wanting to learn more.

 Sensitivity to Learners’ Struggles: We pinpoint where language use is incongruent with intention, and provide immediate feedback that lowers the risk of misinterpretation.

 Measurable Progress: We’ve developed engaging awareness activities that encourage participants to be accountable for their progress.

 We Build Confidence: Our clients may come to us feeling worried about their accents and/or unheard, but they are sure to complete training with increased confidence in and awareness of their ability to communicate.

 We Get Results: Our students make the transition from simply speaking to communicating more clearly, confidently, and competently in just a few simple steps.