Patricia Manterola
Patricia Manterola (Mexico)

"I took one of Kelly's classes at UCLA in 1997, and she's been coaching me privately ever since. Her program is great! Easy to follow, fun, and she really knows how to help."

Stephanie Headshot
Stephanie Cheeva (Bulgaria)

"On top of Kelly's extraordinary professionalism beams a personality whose zeal and positive energy transfers to her students. She coaches with heart and soul and that's what makes miracles happen."

Jaron Scott (Holland)

Jaron Scott (Holland)
Kelly’s approach is very practical and industry specific. I know what I need to do every day to represent myself as an American. Not only in speech, but also in my attitude.

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2015 is Already Almost Over?!

Do you have the voice you need to get the representation you want?

One of our students just signed with United Talent Agency (UTA). Sign up now for private or semi-private coaching. Get busy - do your life!

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Liisa-Evastina with Michael Bay

1 Month Away from "13 Hours"!

We can hardly wait to see Liisa Evastina in Michael Bay's latest wartime drama, "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi," coming to theatres in mid-January 2016. Congratulations, Liisa!!

Aziz Ansari

Master of Big, Fat American Vowels

Before getting down to brass tacks, I had a brilliant conversation with one of my Chinese learners about how connected we feel to Aziz Ansari’s show “Master of None” today. Finally, our cultural life stories have made it to the silver screen! Bravo, Netflix!

After a mini-celebration of our shared cultural heritage, she went on to master big, fat American vowels. Great work, Fiona!!!

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